• Marjorie Crenshaw
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  • Scott Dyson

    Owner of Competition Music, Fort Worth, Texas

  • Johnson County Resident

    Story about how she survived extreme mistreatment from police officers in Johnson County, Texas

  • Soybean Farmer

    Ponder, Texas

  • Bob Earley, CEO, John Peter Smith County Hospital

    Photo taken in his office for an article about an investigation into allegations of neglect in the hospital's inmate facilities.

  • Jordan Missionary Baptist Church, Lancaster, Texas

    A F4 tornando ripped off the roof of the Jordan Missionary Baptist Church in Lancaster, Texas, but the dangling chandeliers were left hanging from the rafters.

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    Baby Portrait Session

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    Family Portrait Session

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    Players for the Como Community Recreation Center's Youth Football Team in Fort Worth, Texas

  • Rev. and Mrs. Tom Franklin

    Celebrating 35 years of service to their church, New Mount Calvary Church, in Fort Worth, Texas